The red hat cookies from Japan can really close your eyes super delicious👍 Bought the matcha tea fell in love with it Bought the gift box again this time. Great as a gift or as a snack on the table during Chinese New Year There are 4 flavors in this box Strawberry, matcha, chocolate, cocoa milk flavors I think everything is delicious The taste of chocolate and cocoa milk is somewhat similar Strawberry flavor has a light strawberry fragrance, very fresh My favorite is the taste of cookies Thin, crisp, and crispy 😄 It's so delicious I can't stop Usually with tea or coffee It's the perfect afternoon tea time 😄 Five🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Recommended # 摸着良心来种草啦 # # 年货好物种草指南 #
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来自日本的红帽子饼干真的可以闭眼入 超级的好吃👍 之前买过抹茶味的 一吃就爱上了 这次又买了礼盒款的 过年过节当礼物或是当桌上的零食小点都很棒 这款一盒里面有4种口味 分别是草莓、抹茶、巧克力、可可牛奶味 觉得每一种都好吃 巧克力味的和可可牛奶味的味道有些相近 草莓味的有淡淡的草莓香味,非常清新 最喜欢的是饼干的口感 又薄、又酥、又脆😄 好吃到完全停不下来 平时搭配茶或咖啡 就是完美的下午茶时间啦😄 五🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟推荐 # 摸着良心来种草啦 # # 年货好物种草指南 #