The 0-calorie soda from Yuanqi Forest is my favorite. Every time a new flavor comes out, I want to try it. It used to be fruit-flavored, but this time, the flavor of sour plum soup is too special. After tasting it, my feeling is that the taste of the sour plum soup has been restored very well. The ebony flavor is not as full as other flavors, and the sweetness is relatively high in the whole series. When eating hot pot, it is very spicy to use with it. Friends who like sour plum soup will never step on thunder even if they try boldly. # 年货好物种草指南 #
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元气森林的0卡汽水是我的心头好,每次出了新味道我都想尝尝。 以往都是水果味的,这次出了酸梅汤口味,也太特别了吧。尝过之后我的感受是酸梅汤味道还原的很出色,乌梅味很相比之下气泡没有其他味道那么足,甜度算整个系列里比较高的。吃火锅的时候用它配相当解辣。 喜欢酸梅汤的小伙伴尽管大胆尝试,绝不踩雷。 # 年货好物种草指南 #