Mark's Set Food is a delicious combination of convenience store fast food explored by witty foodies. It consists of rice cakes, instant noodles, cheese, and crab sticks. The original version of Mark Ding eats spicy turkey noodles, but the Yami version of Mark Ding eats tumbler cheese ramen. The seasoning comes with cheddar cheese powder, so there is no need to add additional cheese, which improves the convenience again. In order to test the convenience this time, I did not turn on the fire, just brewed it with boiling water, and with a few simple steps (the steps are shown in Figure 4), you can eat a delicious Mark Set meal within ten minutes. The instant rice cake strips are vacuum-packed, smaller than normal rice cake strips, and easily soaked. The rice cake bowl is small, so to put the instant noodles in, you need to break it apart. Breaking the noodles along the direction of the instant noodles will not affect the length of the noodles. Once the hot water is soaked, it can be easily st0 into the bowl, and the size is just right. In terms of seasoning, it is good to put the three packets of seasoning for the instant noodles, and the seasoning for the rice cake does not need to be added, otherwise it will be too spicy. Crab sticks are also ready-to-eat, 2-3 times the size of ordinary frozen crab sticks, and have a stronger taste. It is undoubtedly a good partner for instant noodles. You can put the luncheon meat directly into the bowl with the crab sticks, or you can fry it a little. There is no doubt about the combination of rice cake instant noodles and cheese, but I would like to make a small suggestion. Since there are 4 servings of instant noodles in this set, the luncheon meat is also enough for several meals, but there is only one serving of rice cakes and crab sticks. If It would be nice to have a package of noodles ➕ a crab stick ➕ a rice cake for one person. Finally, thank Yami Xiaoer for the evaluation invitation❤. # 摸着良心来种草啦 # # 无辣不欢 吃辣挑战 # # 0Placeholder_for_esaay_translationccbf2a7129f0441aa53
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马克定食是机智的吃货们探索出的一种便利店速食美味组合,以年糕,泡面,芝士,蟹柳组成。 原版的马克定食用的是辣火鸡面,然而亚米版马克定食用的是不倒翁芝士拉面,调料中自带车打芝士粉,无需另外加芝士,方便程度再次提升。 这次为了测试方便性,我没有开火,只用开水冲泡,简单几步(步骤在图4)就能在十分钟内吃上美味的马克定食了。 速食年糕条是真空包装的,比正常年糕条细小一些,很容易泡软。年糕碗较小,所以要把泡面放进去需要掰开,顺着泡面的走向掰开面就不会影响面条的长度,热水一泡就能轻易塞进碗中了,大小正好。 调料方面,放泡面的三包调料就好,年糕的调料不用放了,否则会太辣。蟹柳也是即食的,大小是普通冷冻蟹柳的2-3倍,口感也更加劲道,是速食面的好搭档无疑了。午餐肉大家可以直接和蟹柳一起放进碗里,也可以稍微煎一下。 马克定食年糕泡面和芝士的搭配味道毋庸置疑,不过想提个小小建议,由于这个套餐里泡面有4份,午餐肉也够吃好几顿,但是年糕和蟹柳都只有一份,如果能出一包面➕一条蟹柳➕一份年糕的一人份套餐就好啦。 最后感谢亚米小二的测评邀请❤。 # 摸着良心来种草啦 # # 无辣不欢 吃辣挑战 # # 年货好物种草指南 #