I just bought it for the beauty, it is a beauty control 😁 It is amazing to use the creativity of mahjong to develop a football ball 👍 Mahjong lovers, you can imagine: playing mahjong while soaking in Jio warmly~ Isn't it very comfortable? And all kinds of good luck, and they are Hu, hit, and made. If you don't win, you will feel sorry for this "mahjong". Different patterns have different effects and smells. I have tried the peach flavor and it is really fragrant. # 年货好物种草指南 #
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我就是冲着颜值买的,就是个颜值控😁用麻将的创意来研制足浴球也真是绝了👍 麻将爱好者们,可以想象一下:一边搓麻将,一边暖暖的泡着Jio~是不是很舒心呀。而且各种好彩头,又胡,又中,又发的,不赢都感觉对不起这幅“麻将”。不同的图案都分别有不一样的功效跟气味,目前试了蜜桃味,还真香 # 年货好物种草指南 #