Lean Jen Shaqima The first post must be for Lean Zhen Shaqima! I have repurchased at least 30 packs, as shown in Figure 4, none of my favorites of the year! I have always been looking for a food that can be eaten instantly and can fill the stomach. The bread is a bit boring, the cake is a bit too sweet, and I am still hungry after eating snacks. It's convenient and filling, and it's out of control. In terms of taste, I have never heard of the brand Jingyizhen in China. I was worried about stepping on thunder when I first bought it. As a result, the entrance was soft and delicious, but not greasy. If it was sesame or grape, the taste would be richer. It didn't feel sweet at all after eating it. On the contrary, Dali Garden and Xu Fuji are either too dry or too sweet. As for the packaging, I don't like to eat snacks with oily hands, because it is very troublesome to wash hands, but the outer packaging of Jingyizhen is not very oily. Continue to be busy with the things at hand, which is a plus, especially if you have to type on the keyboard or have paper materials at hand, and when you are hungry, you will prefer "clean and neat" food. If I don’t want to cook in the morning, I’ll have one, I’ll have one while I’m cooking, I’ll have one in the afternoon, I’m hungry in the afternoon, I’ll have a snack, and one before I go to bed. In short, I have countless reasons to come here. one comes. # 来亚米才知道的美食 # # 摸着良心来种草啦 # # 年货好物种草指南 #
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精益珍沙琪玛 第一篇晒单必须给精益珍沙琪玛!我已经回购了至少30包了,如图四,年度最爱没有之一! 一直想找一款能即食并且能饱腹的食物,面包有点乏味,蛋糕有点太甜,零食吃完还是饿,酸辣粉米线这些还要开火,直到有一天我发现了精益珍沙琪玛,又方便又顶饱,一发不可收拾。 再来说口感,精益珍这个牌子我在国内是没听过的,第一买吃还担心踩雷,结果,入口松软可口,绵而不腻,如果是芝麻味或者葡萄味,口感会更丰富,吃完一点也不觉得甜。反而达利园徐福记这些,不是太干就是太甜,有的还很散,一咬碎的掉渣。 再来说包装,我很不喜欢吃完满手都是油的零食,因为要洗手很麻烦,但是精益珍这款外包装没有很油,如果没有碰到沙琪玛本身,可以暂时忍住不洗手,继续忙手上的的事儿,这点很加分,尤其是要敲键盘或者手边都是纸质资料,饿了的时候会首选“干净利落”的食物。 早起不想做饭来一个,早起边做饭边来一个,下午饿了来一个,想吃零食来一个,睡前夜宵来一个,总之我有无数个可以来一个的理由,不说了我要去来一个。 # 来亚米才知道的美食 # # 摸着良心来种草啦 # # 年货好物种草指南 #