# 虎年开箱晒红包 # # 亚米虎年红包 # # 亚米虎年红包 # 🌿Yami's red envelopes this year are so cute! Not only is it prosperous and flamboyant, it is very festive and beautiful, but it is also dynamic. It is very, very unique that the tiger is running when it is drawn and pulled! It's so pretty and cute, I can't bear to give it away! 🌿I bought a red envelope and then rewarded myself. By the way, I got the new version of the Japanese KAO Kao steam eye mask, which was said to be easy to use by many people! 🌿 I like to wear an eye mask when I sleep, so I often wear a USB charging and heating eye mask, which is very relaxing and easy to fall asleep! But the USB port is somewhat inconvenient to connect the wire. So try the ravely acclaimed Kao steam eye mask. A box of 12 eye masks, you can smell the elegant rose fragrance when you open it, sweet and warm, I like this smell very much! 🌿The eye mask is very convenient to use, take out the eye mask from the bag and tear it along the dotted line to start heating! The white side of the eye mask fits the eye, the deep side of the incision is down, the ear straps are open and put on, the ears do not feel tight, just close your eyes and relax and enjoy! 🌿The eye mask is heated immediately after opening. It looks like 40°C, and you can feel the warm steam. It can be heated for about 20 minutes afterward. The temperature is stable, and the full and comfortable steam instantly covers the eyes and the eye area. When you go down, you feel your eyes are moist and relaxed, very comfortable! Regular use can relieve fatigue and even dark circles, great!
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yami_featured_image # 虎年开箱晒红包 # # 亚米虎年红包 # # 亚米虎年红包 # 🌿亚米今年的红包太可爱啦!不但红红火火虎虎生威地特别喜庆漂亮,还有动感,一抽一拉老虎都奔跑起来了非常非常独特!实在是太好看太可爱了都舍不得送人了啊! 🌿买了红包再犒劳一下自己,顺便入手了被很多很多人安利种草说好用的日本KAO花王新版蒸汽眼罩! 🌿我睡觉的时候喜欢戴眼罩,所以经常会带着USB充电加热的眼罩,热热的很放松很容易就沉沉入睡!但是USB口连着电线多少有些不方便。所以就来试试好评如潮的花王蒸汽眼罩。眼罩一盒12枚,打开就可以闻到淡雅的玫瑰香,甜蜜温馨,非常喜欢这个味道! 🌿眼罩使用起来很方便,从袋子中取出眼罩沿虚线撕开就开始加热啦!眼罩的白色那面贴合眼部,切口深的一侧向下,耳带打开戴上,耳朵也不觉得紧勒,闭上眼睛放松舒适享用就可以啦! 🌿眼罩开封后即刻加温,约40°C的样子,温热的蒸汽也就感受到了,后面大约可以加热20分钟,温度稳定,满满的舒适的蒸汽瞬间温柔包覆双眼和眼周,摘下的时候感觉到眼睛湿润放松,非常舒服!经常使用可以缓解疲劳,甚至去黑眼圈,非常棒!