I will be very sad for anyone who has not had these drinks. OK‼ ️🔥 I haven't been here for a long time! ! Let me share with you my favorite drink recently! Yami is really good to go shopping, here is just a small part! What is your favorite drink? Discuss in the comments section! - Drink strategy✅: 🌟Vitality Forest Series Good news for all fat-free girls who are sugar-free and zero-calorie? ! I can't live without it in my fridge anyway! ! Lactic acid bacteria, sea salt pineapple, lime cactus, strawberry coconut! These are all my favorites, and I also think the sour plum soup is delicious! I have to have it every time I eat hot pot, because there is no burden 😆 - 🌟Japan Kirin Okinawa Sea Salt Lychee This is a truly incredible ceiling! ! In summer, I will definitely stock up on the invincible drink in the refrigerator! ! It feels very refreshing to me, just back to summer in a second When I drank it for the first time, I was really amazed by it! ! - 🌟Calpico White Peach Flavor Which girl can refuse 🍑? ? ! I really love all kinds of peach-flavored drinks because they are delicious! The taste of lactic acid bacteria is already very pleasing, plus 🍑! Anyway, it's good to drink, and it's not a loss to invest in shares! The big bottle is durable~ - 🌟Mango Cream Soda I love this one too, I really can't rank it first 😂 Smells a touch of cream, and the entrance is amazing! It tastes like refreshing mango cream, not strong It feels like eating cake, there's nothing wrong with punching it! ! - 🌟Cantonese style pineapple beer Childhood memories of the post-8090s, hahaha! It's delicious without alcohol, just a touch of sweetness! The pursuit of childhood is very simple, happy with pineapple beer! - 🌟Oh tea hand shake milk tea I don't allow anyone who hasn't had this milk tea! ! From the packaging to the taste, I really love it! It's so delicious that "Auntie is imprinted in my mind"! The tea has a strong flavor and good quality, and it definitely does not lose to the Internet celebrity milk tea! ! The joy of drinking hot water at home anytime, anywhere! My favorite is Four Seasons Spring, and you can't go wrong with the other two! - 🌟Binggrae Lychee Peach People who don't like milk will be conquered by it! ! I also love this flavor, stock up! Just the combination of these two fairy fruits, can it not taste good! You can clearly feel the taste of lychees and peaches in the mouth! After drinking it, you are the peach in the world, right? ! - 🌟Jiuyang Pumpkin Corn Soy Milk Powder Should this be new? never seen before I will repurchase! ! It's a delicious instant powder! Go to work or if you don't have time to make breakfast, just soak in hot water! I like to brew two bags at a time hahaha! It tastes good, not too sweet and corn crumbs! I think it's delicious, and it's a good substitute for fresh soy milk! - Okay! Just share so much 🤣 Hope you all enjoy this episode! Thanks for watching ❤️ # 亚米虎年红包 ## 高颜值美食 # # 亚米宝藏新品大赏 # # 摸着良心来种草啦 # # 年货好物种草指南 #
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任谁还没有喝过这些饮料我都会很伤心OK‼️🔥 我好久没来晒单啦!! 给大家分享一下我近期爱喝饮品! 亚米真的太好逛啦,这里只是小部分! 大家平时爱喝什么饮料?评论区讨论下呗! - 饮料攻略✅: 🌟元气森林系列 无糖零卡的所有减脂女孩的福音吧?! 反正我的冰箱绝对不能少了它!! 乳酸菌、海盐菠萝、青柠仙人掌、草莓椰子! 这些都是我的心头爱,酸梅汤我也觉得好喝! 每次吃火锅我都必须它,因为没负担😆 - 🌟日本Kirin 冲绳海盐荔枝 这款真的绝绝子的天花板好吧!! 夏天我一定会囤起在冰箱无敌好喝!! 给我感觉非常清爽,就是一秒回到夏天 第一次喝的时候真的有被它惊艳到!! - 🌟Calpico白桃味 哪个女孩子能拒绝的🍑??! 我真的超爱各种桃味饮品,因为好喝! 乳酸菌口味本来就很讨喜,再加上🍑! 反正好喝就对了,入股不亏!大瓶耐喝~ - 🌟Mango Cream Soda 这款我也超爱,实在排不出谁第一😂 闻起来有股淡淡的奶油味,入口惊艳! 喝起来有清爽的芒果奶油的感觉,不浓郁 感觉就像在吃蛋糕那般,冲它没有错!! - 🌟广式菠萝啤 8090后的童年回忆,哈哈哈! 没有酒精就是淡淡的甜味就很好喝! 小时候的追求很简单,有菠萝啤就快乐! - 🌟Oh tea手摇奶茶 我不允许有人没喝过这款奶茶!! 从包装到味道我真的爱到不行呢! 简直“婶婶印在在我脑海里”的好喝! 茶味浓品质好,绝对不输网红奶茶!! 在家热水冲泡随时随地就能喝到的快乐! 我最爱的是四季春,其他两款也不会出错! - 🌟Binggrae 荔枝桃子 不爱喝牛奶的人都会被它征服!! 这个口味我也是超爱的,囤起来! 就这两个神仙水果组合,能不好喝吗! 入口就能清晰感受到荔枝和桃子的味道! 喝了它你们就是人间水蜜桃好吧?! - 🌟九阳 南瓜玉米豆浆粉 这款应该是新品?之前没见过的 我会回购的!!它是好喝的速溶粉! 上班或者来不及做早餐热水一泡就成! 我口重喜欢一次冲泡两袋哈哈哈! 味道不错诶,不会过甜还有玉米碎粒! 我觉得很好喝,作为鲜豆浆代替是不错的! - 好啦!就先分享这么多🤣 希望大家喜欢这一期的内容! 谢谢观看❤️ # 亚米虎年红包 ## 高颜值美食 # # 亚米宝藏新品大赏 # # 摸着良心来种草啦 # # 年货好物种草指南 #