# 虎年开箱晒红包 # # 亚米虎年红包 # First of all, I wish everyone a Happy Year of the Tiger. Thank you Yami for the red envelope hee hee 😜 What I would like to recommend today is the Guxin Oxygen Injection Beauty Device. This is a Japanese brand. Many bloggers have recommended it. So I also planted grass! The oxygen injection instrument I entered is the [Van Gogh-Wild Rose] series. This is a limited edition. The introduction is better than the normal version. The face value is really OK! Open includes oxygen injection equipment, spray gun, water bottle, essence bottle, USB charging cable, manual and storage bag! To brag about the storage bag. The texture is really good. See picture 5 for details. So what is the function of this one. It can add various skin care products. Use it to enhance the effect of skin care products. The spray sprayed through it is dozens of times more delicate than ordinary. It will not hang water droplets. So it is easier to penetrate and be absorbed by the skin. Then there is the Guxin oxygen injection instrument using the circuit board to control the pressure. Make the spray gun stable at 140kpa for a long time. This makes the molecules smaller. Improve the absorption rate of nutrients. Very comfortable every time I use it. It is strongly recommended.
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yami_featured_image # 虎年开箱晒红包 # # 亚米虎年红包 # 首先先祝大家虎年快乐嚛. 谢谢亚米的红包嘻嘻😜 今天想推荐的是谷心注氧美容仪. 这是一款日本品牌. 满多博主都有推荐过.所以我也种草了! 我入的注氧仪款式是【梵高-野玫瑰】系列. 这款是限量版. 介绍比普通版本还牛. 颜值是真的很OK! 打开包括了注氧仪器、喷枪、补水瓶、精华瓶、USB充电绳、说明书和收纳袋! 要夸一夸收纳袋. 质地是真的好.细节看图5噢. 所以这台的作用是什么呢. 它可以添加各种保养品. 通过它来使保养品的效果加强. 经过它喷出来的喷雾比普通细腻数十倍. 是不挂会水珠. 所以更容易渗适而被肌肤吸收. 再来就是谷心注氧仪采用电路板控制压强. 使喷枪长期稳定在140kpa. 这样分子更小. 使营养成分的吸收率更高. 每次使用都好舒服. 强烈推荐呢.