Is there anyone who is as envious as me that my friends in China have Hey Tea? Now HEYTEA has also released zero-calorie sparkling water, and it’s good to drink it to relieve cravings if you can’t drink milk tea. Hey Tea did not disappoint me, as far as the white peach is concerned, I love it even more than the Yuanqi Forest that I have been repurchasing, because its peach flavor is also natural but less sweet. The white minimalist plastic bottle is very attractive, but I personally think it would be even better if there were also environmentally friendly cans like Yuanqi Forest. # 摸着良心来种草啦 # # 年货好物种草指南 # # 0Placeholder_for #esaay_translation51666f21fe1e43d9a1
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有没有人和我一样羡慕国内的小伙伴们有喜茶喝?现在喜茶居然也出了零卡气泡水,喝不到奶茶喝它解解馋也好。 喜茶出品果然没有让我失望,就白桃这款而言我对它的喜爱程度甚至超过了我一直回购的元气森林,因为它的桃子味同样自然但甜度更低一些。 白色极简风塑料瓶很耐看,但我个人觉得如果也能出像元气森林那样的环保易拉罐装就更好啦。 # 摸着良心来种草啦 # # 年货好物种草指南 # # 亚米神仙减肥好物 #