# 2022双节快乐 # Greedy Moment|A little egg in one bite At that time, when I brushed this little egg, I was completely hit by the appearance. Immediately click the mouse, quickly add to the shopping cart, and place an order for free shipping Then the moment I opened it and ate it, I only deeply felt the beauty of the face value. The amount of a pack is much larger than expected, a big pack One by one, the small eggs are regular in shape and yellow in color. Although it is said to have a salted egg yolk taste, the taste is not very strong I feel that the taste of the cake will be slightly reduced, not very dense It will taste a little rough and dry But it is a very small shape, one bite, not very oily Recently, I punched in a lot of new snacks, and I bought a wave if I wanted to try it. It's good to look at the value of the face, but the value of the face is two streets away from the taste
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yami_featured_image # 2022双节快乐 # 馋嘴一刻|一口一个小蛋仔 当时刷到这个小蛋仔,完全就被颜值深深击中 立马狂击鼠标,迅速加入购物车,凑单免邮下单 然后打开吃下的那一刻,只深深感受到了颜值的美妙 一包的份量比想象中大很多,大大的一包 一个个的小蛋仔,形状规整,黄澄澄的颜色 虽然说是咸蛋黄口味,但是吃起来口感并不是很浓郁 感觉蛋糕的口感会稍有减分,并不是很绵密 吃起来还会稍为有些粗糙感,比较干干的 不过倒是很小巧的造型,一口一个,不是很油 最近打卡了很多新款零食,想要尝试都加购了一波 看颜值很可,但是颜值甩出味道两条街