# 2022双节快乐 # A moment of gluttony | If there is no spicy food, please rush to the stars! It's going to be hot in winter ✨Part of my unlimited repo list✨ This dipping sauce is really YYDS, super versatile, just put a little on it and it tastes good I like Cuihong's and Liupo's dipping sauce very much. If you have to pick one, then I may prefer this Cuihong The aroma of chili will be more pure, and their old-flavoured dry dish is also YYDS It is recommended that you can punch in this independent bag design of chili dip Use half a bag to about one bag each time, which is very convenient and can be used immediately after opening the bag You can also use this to make oil-splashed peppers, or to make barbecue dips A small bag can be eaten 1-2 times, and sometimes it is customary to sprinkle with a small sauce when cooking green vegetables A spicy dipping sauce that can also be punched in during the fat loss period.
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yami_featured_image # 2022双节快乐 # 馋嘴一刻|无辣不欢星人快冲!冬日就要嗨辣 ✨我的无限回购清单list中的一员✨ 这个蘸料真的YYDS,超级百搭,随便放一点就有味 翠宏这款和六婆的蘸料我都很喜欢,不分伯仲 如果一定要pick一款,那我可能会更喜欢这款翠宏 辣椒的香味会更纯正,他们家的老味干碟也是YYDS 建议可以打卡这种独立袋装设计的辣椒蘸料 每次使用半袋至一袋左右,非常方便,开袋即用 还可以用这款做油泼辣椒,或是制作烧烤蘸料 一小袋可以吃1-2次,有时候煮青菜也习惯撒上一小佐 减脂期也可以放心打卡的一款香辣味蘸料,可冲