Amazing mask, regret only buying one box to try. One box can be used five times. I plan to use it for five consecutive days to see the effect. I used it once last night. When I first applied it on my face, my face became red in seconds. I thought I was allergic at the time. It works, no problem. After waiting patiently for 20 minutes, the color of my face became normal, and the moment I shave off the mask, I felt that my face was lighter for a while. It looked very clear. The most amazing thing is that the next day is today. Layer skin 😱, face almost invisible pores 😂 I don't believe it's the credit of my other skin care products hahahaha. I am going to apply for a new city metabolic cycle, which is one month, so Yami-kun asks for replenishment
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yami_featured_image 惊艳的面膜,后悔只买了一盒试试。一盒可以用五次,我准备连用五天看效果,昨晚用了一次,刚涂上脸的时候,全脸秒红,当时还以为过敏😅,后来查了下,好像是碳酸在脸上起作用的效果,没什么问题。耐心等了20分钟,脸颜色变正常了,而且刮下面膜那瞬间感觉自己的脸轻了一段😂,看上去很清透,最惊艳的是第二天也就是今天,贼嫩,感觉换了层皮😱,脸几乎看不见毛孔😂我不相信是我的其他护肤品的功劳哈哈哈哈。求补货补货补货补货 我准备连敷一个新城代谢周期,也就是一个月,所以亚米君求补货