Instant noodles for winter! Are there any foodies who are as lazy as they are? correct! As a lazy person, the best choice for a person's dinner is instant noodles, and the biggest difference of this white curry Malaysian Penang noodles is that its soup is very rich, the coconut milk in the white curry is full of flavor, and it is mixed with hot red seasoning. Together, with the sweetness of dried vegetables, it reflects the slightly stimulating spiciness of white curry. Each noodle is wrapped in curry, but it is not greasy at all but very refreshing. After eating the noodles, you will sweat even if you don’t finish the soup! Eating a bowl of instant noodles in winter will warm up your body and mind! It is recommended that foodies who like to drink soup must try it. The cooking time should not be too long, and it is healthier to accompany some green vegetables.
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適合冬天的泡麵! 有沒有吃貨和一樣懶?對的!作為一個懶人,一個人的晚餐最佳選擇就是泡麵,而這款白咖喱馬來西亞檳城麵最大的不同就是它的湯頭十分濃郁,白咖喱裡面的椰奶味十足,和熱辣辣的紅色調味料混合在一起,配上菜乾的甜味,體現出來白咖喱應有的風味稍帶刺激的辣度。每一根麵條都裹上了咖喱,但是一點都不膩反而很清爽,吃完麵條就算你不喝完湯也會流汗!在冬天裡吃上一碗樣的泡麵,身心都暖起來了!建議喜歡喝湯的吃貨一定要試試,煮麵的時間不宜過長,陪一些青菜更健康。