Beauty and beauty you deserve

Bought peach gum, saponin rice and snow swallow on Yami. Peach gum has anti-wrinkle, beauty, blood-clearing, lipid-lowering, and stress-relieving effects. Saponin rice clears the liver and improves eyesight, suitable for people who lose weight and constipation. Xueyan focuses on moisturizing and moisturizing, and firming the skin. These three are suitable for every little fairies who love beauty. Next, I will share with you a few ways to test the deliciousness.😋

Refreshing peach gum fruit scoop

Peach gum is soaked in advance15-24hours to remove impurities and add a small amount of Stew with rock sugar20minutes, add in diced fruit, it tastes better when refrigerated🤓

Peach Gum Stewed Milk

Peach gum, saponin rice in advance15-24 soak hair, white fungus Lather 2 hours earlier. Pour water into the pot, pour the peach gum, saponin rice, white fungus, red dates, rock sugar into the pot and boil over high heat, the water in the pot becomes less, add milk, and simmer on low heat 20-30out in minutes

Snow swallow lotus seed cranberry

Rinse and soak the lotus seeds, add water to the pot, and put the lotus seeds into the stew20 minute. Add the foamed snow swallow (12-14hours until no lumps) and cranberries and cook< span class="s1">20minutes, add an appropriate amount of rock sugar and mix well.

Fairies who love beauty and want to try food supplements can give it a try!

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