In the past few years 🇺🇸, almost all masks were bought on, which covered my entire youth~ I bought my most frequently used mask gift box at the anniversary event🎁 Every time the seasons change, the skin will be dry. At this time, I really need hydration and hydration💦Insane hydration, you must use the mask, you can’t insist on using it every day, at least three to four times a week. 💊Blue Pill Mask It's full of essence, a proper hydrating little expert, every time you use it, your skin will be supple and smooth, and you don't have to worry about sensitive skin at all. The ingredients are safe and moisturizing! And the price on Yami can be said to be the lowest in the United States. 💆🏻‍♀️Medi Wheel Reservoir Mask No one will not know about this familiar blue packaging. It is really the best-selling n-year repurchase and n-year moisturizing king fried. Every year this dry season will move out of this rescue soldier. The ingredients are reliable, and there are ten pieces in it. Very cost-effective~ 👀 Steam eye mask Sleeping with a steam eye mask is so comfortable, especially when you are tired, wearing this eye mask can make you sleep very deeply.. 🧖🏼‍♀️Freeplus Cleansing This gentle cleansing product is also an old friend of everyone... It will always be that peace of mind. 💅I also bought ito cleansing wipes on Yami, and I use it for daily cleansing~ Now Yami even has a blind box, ahhhh, my house has too many blind boxes, but I still want to buy it, Skull Panda is so cool, the blind box girl is right Amy is satisfied 😷Toy Story masks I love it so much, just go to Disney next week and plan to wear this mask with my friends😷haha😆 🎁Seeing that Yami now has not only beauty gift boxes, but also all kinds of snack gift boxes, which are very cost-effective. The delivery is also very fast. I received it in Irvine in three days. You can take advantage of this event to start. # 亚米年度美妆大赏 # # 摸着良心来种草啦 # # 亚米与你相识已9 # # 亚米9周年 #
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在🇺🇸这几年几乎所有面膜都是在亚米网上买的,承包了我的整个青春啊~趁周年活动又入手了我zui常使用的面膜礼盒🎁 每次换季的时候皮肤都会干燥,这时候真的很需要补水补水💦疯狂补水,面膜一定要用起来啊,不能坚持每天都用起码也要一周三到四次。 💊蓝药丸面膜 精华满满的,妥妥的补水小能手,每次用完皮肤都水嫩又光滑,敏肌也完全不用担心,成分hin安心~保湿zhen的有一套!而且亚米上的价可以说全美zui低了.. 💆🏻‍♀️美迪惠尔水库面膜 这熟悉的蓝色包装不会有人不知道吧,真的是畅销n年回购n年的补水王炸,每年这种换季干燥季节就要搬出这个救兵了,成分靠谱,里面十片装的很划算~ 👀蒸汽眼罩 带蒸汽眼罩睡觉太舒服了,尤其是累的时候带上这个眼罩可以睡得特别沉.. 🧖🏼‍♀️Freeplus洁面 这个温和洁面产品也是大家的老朋友了吧…它永远就是那个安心的存在。 💅还在亚米上买了ito洁面巾,日常洁面用它~现在亚米竟然还有盲盒啊啊啊,我家盲盒太多了可还是想买,Skull Panda太酷了,盲盒女孩对亚米很满意 😷玩具总动员口罩 我太爱了,刚好下周去迪士尼打算就和朋友带这个口罩😷哈哈😆 🎁看到亚米现在不仅有美妆礼盒,还有各种零食礼盒都很划算,发货也很快,我在尔湾,三天就收到了,大家可以趁这次活动入手啦。 # 亚米年度美妆大赏 # # 摸着良心来种草啦 # # 亚米与你相识已9 # # 亚米9周年 #