Download Yami's first order and finally received it today! 零食 The first recommendation is the Japanese Riska Corn Crisp Chocolate Chip Cookies in the lower right corner of the second picture If you like chocolate and sweets like me, then you will love the taste and texture! The matcha flavor of the same style is also very good. Hurry up and restock! Lao Yang Salted Egg Yolk Biscuits are Yami's Internet Celebrity-level biscuits. It's my first try and it's really delicious! I personally don't really like salted eggs, but this biscuit is completely acceptable. The independent packaging inside is also a bonus. I will repurchase Zu Mingxiang leptin meat with five flavors, the taste is average, the taste is average, and it is very oily! Not recommended Health care Xiangfei jujube looked at the low-low packaging and tasted one, and it tasted better than I expected. The individual packaged jujube is very big. I usually buy red dates as tea, soup, and some dry food. I also ate five of them in one go. Friendly reminder: some have cores and some don't have cores when biting down, be careful with your teeth😬 Hsu Fu Kee Thick Cut Pineapple Cake with Earthy Pineapple Taste If you don’t like pineapple cake, it must be because you haven’t eaten a delicious pineapple cake The best pineapple cake, but the price is low, so it is cheap Finally, 零食 will end with Taohuaji's Ejiao. The Ejiao I have eaten before is all bought by myself and then boiled by a Chinese pharmacy. You can ask for wolfberry, walnuts, etc. Personally, I think there is still a bit of bitterness. The packaging is very delicate and natural, and the amount is not too large. A large box is 60 yuan, but each small piece is a good choice for gifts. In the skin care product section, everyone who sees the acne needle in the upper right corner should have guessed that almost all products are bought for the closed acne that suddenly appeared on the forehead recently. Shiseido Yanronglu) are used to wet the hope that it can be effective Ao Erbin good night fans unlimited push, especially the girl who just started living with her boyfriend, don't ask me why, you will know after using it😎 Lastly, if you like to squeeze bubbles like I do, please buy more skin care products in single bottles and jars from Yamibuy. This amount is really enough 👌🏼😂😂
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