I got married in a foreign country and wanted to give local friends Chinese-style wedding candies. I bought a lot of Chinese candies and snacks. They have Chinese-style looks and Chinese flavors, and my friends like them very much. At the same time, I bought hot pot vermicelli, rice wine, and some Chinese seasonings to enjoy with my friends. Although I got married in a foreign country due to the epidemic, I still ate sweets that I was familiar with since I was a child. 😊🎁🍬🍬# 摸着良心来种草啦 #
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在异国他乡结婚,想送当地朋友们中式的喜糖,买了好多中国的糖果和小零食,有中式的颜值和中国的味道,朋友们都很喜欢。同时,买了火锅粉条,米酒,以及一些中式调料,和朋友们一起享用,虽因疫情在异国结婚,但是吃着从小到大所熟悉的糖果,心里也是甜甜的😊🎁🍬🍬# 摸着良心来种草啦 #