# YamiSakuraSeason # My favorite face masks for the spring🌸 These are my favorite mask brands and I have used them for few years. As the sensitive skin, I usually use moisture mask in the spring. ❤️ the first one is Youtuanlan Although the Japanese mask has little essence, but this one has 33g of jelly essence. 🧡 The second one is AHC Hyaluronic acid mask This mask I've been using it since I was in the college. It is also the signature product of the AHC, which has the excellent moisturizing effect. 💛 The third one is Merbliss's wedding mask I love their facial mask’s paper. It is very smooth and thin. The amount of essence is sufficient. You can feel your skin is more luster after use their mask. 💚 The fourth one are the masks from JM Solution They are the affordable facial mask and one piece is just for 1 dollar. My favorite is their honey mask and goat's milk mask.