Mask girl's hoard Recently, Yami's mask activities, to add some stock to my mask pants. Just arrived and haven't had time to use the first show. I am looking forward to the serum mask the most. There is no way anyone can make this name sound so... bizarre. The second look forward to Centella asiatica (blue + green 💊) has been brushing on xhs beauty bloggers recently. It happens that the recent acne is also a period of strong pollen, which is very suitable for calling Centella asiatica to remove redness and calm acne. # 晒出你的美丽心机 # # 面膜囤货 #
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面膜女孩的囤货 最近亚米面膜做活动,给我的面膜裤加点库存。 刚到还没来得及用先秀一波。 最期待血清面膜,没办法谁让这名字听着这么…奇异呢。 第二期待积雪草(蓝+绿💊)最近一直在xhs的美容博主那里刷到。正好最近长痘又是花粉旺盛时期,很适合来电积雪草去红镇定又祛痘。# 晒出你的美丽心机 # # 面膜囤货 #