Come to Yamidun again, and introduce the good things that I often repurchase to everyone. Figure 1⃣️, a product of egg crisps. This is my first time trying! It really surprised me. Friends who like egg-flavored food should not miss it, the egg-flavor is super strong. Full of egg fragrance, will repurchase. Figure 2⃣️, meat floss. This time I bought it to make kimbap, and it tastes pretty good. I usually put it in porridge or in a burrito. Also made shredded pork cake 🍰. Figure 3⃣️, plum slices. I use this to lose weight. When you want to eat, take a slice. It's sour, and the calories are not high. Sometimes you're either hungry or greedy, so eating this is just right. Figure 4⃣️, hot and sour powder. I like many of Genji's products, including this one, you can't go wrong with a blind buy. # 我的囤货清单 #
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又来亚米囤啊,介绍一下自己经常回购的好物给大家。 图1⃣️,一品蛋酥。这个我第一次尝试!真的惊艳到我了,喜欢鸡蛋味食品的小伙伴不要错过,蛋味超浓。满口蛋香,会回购。 图2⃣️,肉松。这次买来是做紫菜包饭的,味道相当不错,平时我也放白粥里面或是卷饼里面。也做过肉丝蛋糕🍰。 图3⃣️,梅子片。我是用这个减肥的。想吃东西的时候,含着一片。酸酸的,热量也不高,有时候不是饿就是嘴馋,吃这个正好。 图4⃣️,酸辣粉。源氏的很多产品我都喜欢,包括这个,盲买不会错。 # 我的囤货清单 #