After watching the volcano on the Big Island, it was already more than 10 pm. After going down the mountain, all the doors were closed except for fast food. Fortunately, every time I go on a trip, I will bring a small amount of dry food by myself to prevent emergencies. I buy some chicken nuggets and salads along the way, and pair it with the Guangzhou fried noodles that come with it, it becomes a mixed noodles with vegetables and meat. The point is, why did I choose to bring this instead of instant noodles. Because after too much news was exposed, I didn't believe in the hygiene standards of all hotels, and I had a hunch that I couldn't find hot water in minutes (the news said that many people like to use coffee pots to burn panties and socks). Taking all into consideration, Guangzhou Fried Noodles is a product that can be soaked in pure water at room temperature for 30 minutes, and the foaming taste is completely fine (6 minutes in hot water is faster), and it can perfectly cope with various unknown environments and restrictions that may be encountered during travel. . The last time I got back to the hotel, I soaked in water, took a shower, microwaved it for 2 minutes after I came out, and started eating directly 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I hope that I, who are very quirky, can provide you with some constructive recommendations for those who have travel plans.
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在大岛看完火山已经是晚上10点多,下山之后,除了快餐以外全都关门了。还好每次去旅行都会自备少量干粮以防不时之需,沿路买点鸡块跟沙拉,配上自带的广州炒面,就变成有菜有肉的拌面啦。 重点说一下,我为什么选择带这个而不是方便面。因为太多新闻曝光后,极度不相信所有酒店的卫生标准,预感自己分分钟找不到热水(新闻有说不少人喜欢用咖啡壶烧内裤袜子之类的)。综合考虑下,广州炒面是一款就算用常温纯净水浸泡30分钟,发泡口感等也完全没问题(热水焖6分钟更快),完美应对旅行途中可能遇到的各种未知环境跟限制。 最后一回到酒店就用水泡上,洗澡,出来后微波炉2分钟,直接开吃👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻希望特别龟毛的我,能对有出行计划的你提供一点点有建设性的推荐。