In the middle of the night, I wanted to make up the list. I saw that Niu Er’s list mentioned me. I don’t know why I suddenly discovered the nature of my foodie. He swallowed and took out the scallops (pictured) that had been hoarded for many years and kissed them. By the way, the scallops from this BESTORE are really amazing! class! without! enemy! of! good! eat! 😆😆😆At that time, when I was eating this, I was eating it slowly (there is no way, it is so expensive!!) Unfortunately, when I just collected the order, I looked through it and wanted to repurchase it again, but it was sold out. I found that a lot of things I wanted to repurchase were sold out. It would be great if Yami could get more items in BESTORE, I really like BESTORE! And his pig tail!
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半夜刷晒单想凑单,看到牛二的晒单有提到我,不知道为什么忽然间被发现了我吃货的本质😂😂😂看着一条条的晒单都是吃的忍不住咽了咽口水然后掏出了囤积多年的虾夷扇贝(图)和亲嘴烧。话说这个良品铺子的虾夷扇贝真是超!级!无!敌!的!好!吃!😆😆😆当时吃这个的时候都是慢慢啃(没办法啊好贵啊!!)可惜刚刚凑单的时候翻了翻想再回购,结果sold out了。我发现我有好多想回购的东西都sold out。如果亚米能入到良品铺子里更多的东西就好了,超喜欢良品铺子!还有他家的猪尾巴!