I bought a bunch of them, some of them didn't, and I tried all the brands of fish. The best Leju Shennongchun 香辣 Fish Aberdeen is ok, but there is no Lejuxiang, the taste is ok Bad review! Xiange’s wild pepper-flavored fish is so disappointing, it’s actually sweet Ruyi fish skewers are also too sweet, the little boss seaweed is delicious 无限回购
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买了一堆有的没的 鱼仔基本有的牌子都试了 最好吃的 乐聚香辣鱼仔 真的就是香香辣辣没有奇怪味道 神农春香辣鱼仔 ok 但没有乐聚香 味道还行 差评! 贤哥野山椒味鱼仔 太失望了 居然是甜的 如意鱼串也太甜了 小老板海苔好吃无限回购