# Happy order Happy life! # # 开箱大吉 牛转钱坤 # # 亚米神仙减肥好物 # # 如7而至 # Inside the outer box is a separate small bag for tea. When you take it out, the non-woven fabric feels good. It is not that kind of cheap cloth. After all, it is placed in a cup. In order to make it easier for everyone to know the ingredients in it more clearly, I unpacked a package, and you can see that there are indeed ingredients written in the product description: red bean, red bean, barley, barley, licorice, orange peel, gardenia, Gorgon, which is very Real, can be believed. The effect of this tea is to dehumidify, and the ingredients in the ingredient list are also based on the recipe for dehumidification. If you insist on drinking it, it is not a big problem. Overall, recommended!
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# Happy order Happy life! # # 开箱大吉 牛转钱坤 # # 亚米神仙减肥好物 # # 如7而至 # 外盒里面是单独的小包袋泡茶,拿出来的时候无纺布的手感不错,不是那种廉价布,毕竟是放在杯子里的,质量好一点的袋子,喝着心里放心点。为了方便大家更加清楚的知道里面的成分,我拆了一包,可以看到里面的确有着产品描述写的成分:红豆、赤小豆、薏米、大麦、甘草、橘皮、栀子、芡实,这一点很真实,可以相信。 这个茶的功效是去湿气,配料表的配料也都是按着去湿气的方子来的,坚持喝下来,问题不大。 总体来说,推荐!