p1: First post a dressing table of a big man with a big foot. The dressing table of the student party is because I don’t like to apply fat and powder on my face, so I only have one tube of lipstick except for skin care products such as pure dew, face oil, etc. Red wine bottle-shaped lipstick 💕 The color is pretty good p2-p3: There are also 面膜 that I have eaten recently... Yes, I also bought Zhiliu tea and Besunyen slimming tea 💔... Because I can really eat and I am afraid of getting fat... yes I'm really afraid of getting fat and also afraid of being made into sausages💔 p4: Recommended 面膜 saw a wave of good-looking 面膜 will try to buy one to two of my 🍭 .. Then I tried 面膜 goose will be judged from a comfortable fabric is said that the film is important to choose a bad film cloth It will absorb skin moisture. After trying the N sticker 面膜, I plan to recommend these two 💕 👇 p4 Yakult 面膜 super invincible stick Price $ 2.5 looks super cute ❤️ film super soft cloth also quite comfortable there Yakult taste of a search fired very 面膜 know that this is a fire from Korea really super love will 无限回购 of p5: Pill面膜 Pill面膜 Not much to say, not much to say, very famous, I bought a few stickers in the United States, the film cloth is also very comfortable, the effect is soothing and moisturizing, it seems p6-p8: This is a bamboo one recommended by the student party at a very cheap 1$ to take home insfree. 面膜 Why do you say this bamboo one...because some time ago I had acne on my forehead and it was very heartbreaking, and I used it as shown in p1p2 After I bought the new facial cleanser, it improved. Later, after using this sticker 面膜, I woke up with a little fright and pimples. It's basically good✌️ (shamely attached a picture of a foot-picking man's cooing and wretched expression after the acne er is almost healed. photo 🤢) p9: ... no p9 A dormitory photo is attached ✌️May all the fairies have a happy shopping experience in yamibuy & apply 面膜 Good dreams every night~
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p1:先晒一张抠脚大汉的梳妆台 学生党的化妆台 因为不喜欢脸上涂脂抹粉 所以除了护肤品的纯露啊抹脸油啊什么的 化妆用品的话 我只有一管口红🍷 就是那个长相猎奇的红酒瓶子状的口红啦💕 颜色还蛮好看的 p2-p3:晒一波近期剁手的吃的还有面膜...没错我还买了脂流茶和碧生源减肥茶💔... 因为我是真的能吃 又很怕胖..是真的怕发胖 也怕被做成腊肠💔 p4:推荐一波面膜 看见好看的面膜就会买一到两贴试一试的我🍭.. 然鹅我试面膜只会从舒不舒服来评判 据说膜布的选择很重要 不好的膜布会吸收皮肤水分 在试过N贴面膜之后打算着重推荐一下这两款💕 👇 p4的养乐多面膜 超级无敌棒 参考价格2.5$ 长得超级可爱❤️ 膜布也超级软相当舒服 有养乐多的味道 一搜才知道是被炒得很火的一款来自韩国的面膜 真的 超爱 会无限回购的 p5:药丸面膜 药丸面膜不多说 名气很大 赴美买了几贴用 膜布也是很舒服的 功效是舒缓保湿吧好像 p6-p8: 这是一款学生党推荐咯 很平价 1$带回家insfree的面膜来的 这款竹子的为什么要说呢…因为前段时间额头上冒痘 很心塞 后来用过如p1p2所示新买的洗面奶后有改善 后来在用过这贴竹子面膜之后 醒来有点惊 痘痘基本就好了✌️ (羞耻地附一张抠脚大汉在痘er快好了后的窃喜猥琐表情爆照🤢) p9:... 没有p9 附带一张宿舍照✌️愿所有小仙女们都在yamibuy有愉快的购物经历&敷着面膜夜夜好梦哟~