#Summerskincare ##2022年中大促囤货指南 ##0Placeholder_for_esaay_translation3682 bb1c3ea642d0ae07a2d752abf2ee ## 0Placeholder_for_esaay_translation f0e16f9101d54b34aca2295d25e2909a ## 方家铺子 # The mung beans are of very good quality, plump and clean. A bowl of iced mung bean soup in summer is simply enjoyable. It tastes great, it tastes really good! The mung beans are crystal clear, and they are delicious when cooked. They are very good, the color is also very beautiful, and the taste is quite good. They are really good. The main reason is that they are not expensive, and they are quite cheap. Mung bean has large skin and thin skin, full and uniform grains, no broken grains, bright emerald green and shiny color, easy to cook, easy to rot and easy to produce sand, rich bean fragrance, suitable for making mung bean paste, mung bean cake and other desserts, of course, cooking some mung bean soup is quite Not bad! In summer, a bowl of iced mung bean soup is simply enjoyable. Eat more mung beans in summer to cool down the heat, and the taste and taste are quite good~ I highly recommend it!
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# Summerskincare # # 2022年中大促囤货指南 # # 我的囤货清单 # # 晒出你的美丽心机 # # 方家铺子 # 绿豆质量很好,颗颗饱满,很干净,夏天来一碗冰镇绿豆汤,简直是享受,味道好极了,味道真的好极了! 绿豆晶莹剔透,煮出来挺好吃的,太可以了,颜色也非常好看,味道也是相当好,真的挺不错的,主要是卖的也不贵,挺便宜的。 绿豆粒大皮薄,颗粒饱满整齐度高,无碎粒,色泽明亮翠绿有光泽,易煮易烂易出沙,豆香浓郁,适宜做绿豆沙,绿豆糕等甜品,当然熬点绿豆汤是相当不错滴! 夏天来一碗冰镇绿豆汤,简直是享受,夏天多食用绿豆,清凉降暑,感觉口感味道都挺好的~非常推荐!