Challenge $15 for Day 1! 😋I ate Wang's full coffee nut cereal for breakfast, which gave me a strong sense of satiety. I ate one bag 5 times, and it was $1.3 at 1/5 of the original price, plus some oat milk 👉 Breakfast totaled $1.5 😋At noon, a luxurious Sanquan Bubble Cold Noodles came with a lot of ingredients and a huge amount of noodles. I cut some cucumber shreds and the beef that was braised at home before. The original price was $10.29, but I got it at half price, and the price was only $5.15, plus my own side dishes 👉 Lunch totaled $6. 😋 For dinner, I made stir-fried mushrooms with green vegetables. The price of dried shiitake mushrooms bought from Yami is really much cheaper than that of organic supermarkets in the United States. A whole bag is $7.99. I basically use 1/3 of the bag for a meal. I have two mouths at home. The cost of shiitake mushrooms for one mouth is only $1.3. In addition, I also fried some chicken breasts, chicken breasts and vegetables 👉 Dinner totaled $5.3. 💪 After digestion is almost done, I will do an exercise. In addition to drinking water, I also like to drink matcha powder soaked in water and soy milk. Kyoto Uji instant matcha powder is really amazing. It tastes very good, has beautiful color, and has no added sugar. Drinking it directly in water can improve sports performance. A bag of $8.99 can be soaked ten times. Soymilk I really like the original soymilk from Dr.Chung's food, a Korean brand. There are 16 boxes in a box, and the average box is only $0.87. The total is $1.76. 🛀Many of the toiletries are bought when they are on sale/need to collect orders. I especially like Kao's shower gel, which is fragrant and very comfortable after washing. I also stock up on Ora2's toothpaste, and the flavors are great! The toothpaste/facial cleanser/shampoo/conditioner that you are using will not add up to more than $30, it can be used for at least two months, and it is almost negligible if it is divided into daily 👉 Washing and washing totals $0.5. Total consumption for one day: $15.06💰 # 我的囤货清单 # # 摸着良心来种草啦 # # 2022亚米开学季 ## 挑战$100过一周 #
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挑战$15过一天Day 1! 😋早餐吃了王饱饱的咖啡坚果麦片,饱腹感强,一袋我分了5次吃完,按原价的1/5算就是$1.3,加了点燕麦奶👉早餐合计$1.5 😋中午来了份奢华的三泉气泡冷面,配料超多,面的量也巨大。自己切了点黄瓜丝以及之前在家卤好的牛肉进去。原价$10.29,但是我是半价秒杀到的,到手价才$5.15,加上自己的配菜👉午餐合计$6。 😋晚餐做了青菜炒香菇。从亚米上买的干香菇,价格真的比美国有机超市便宜太多了。一整袋$7.99,我一顿基本用1/3袋,家里两张嘴,算下来一张嘴的香菇成本才$1.3,除此以外还煎了点鸡胸肉,加鸡胸和青菜👉晚饭合计$5.3。 💪消化差不多之后跳个操,跳操的时候除了喝水我还喜欢喝抹茶粉泡水以及豆奶。京都宇治速溶抹茶粉真的很绝,味道非常好,颜色漂亮,无添加糖,跳操的时候直接泡水喝可以提高运动表现,一袋$8.99可以泡十次。豆奶我很喜欢韩国Dr.Chung‘s food这个牌子的原味豆奶,一箱16盒,平均一盒只要$0.87👉跳操总计$1.76。 🛀洗漱用品很多都是在打折/需要凑单的时候买的,特别喜欢花王的沐浴露,香喷喷的,洗完身上特别舒服。Ora2的牙膏我也是各种囤,各种口味都好棒!正在用的牙膏/洗面奶/洗发露/护发素这些东西加起来不会超过$30,至少可以用两个月,分到每天来算几乎可以忽略不计了👉洗漱总计$0.5。 一天总计消费:$15.06💰 # 我的囤货清单 # # 摸着良心来种草啦 # # 2022亚米开学季 ## 挑战$100过一周 #