Challenge $15 for Day 2! 😋Breakfast is bread + jam. I bought the blueberry jam from Japan's Kuze Fuku & Sons on Yami. The ingredients are very simple, and there are not too many messy additives. A bottle of $5.99 has 325g. I put about 3g of kuai on the bread every time. The jam is only $0.05, and the bread is the most common white bread ($0.08 per slice), which was baked with a Beiding bread machine. When I placed the order, the bread machine was heavily discounted and the final price was about $55. It has been used for a year, and I use it 4-5 times a week. Now it is still healthy and it feels like it can continue to serve me for a long time, according to the time it has served me. Calculate, the cost per day is only $0.15 👉 Breakfast totals $0.28 😋I ate Yuan Xian's ace Shen Gong Bo Bo chicken for lunch, no need to fire, just add cold water, the amount of dishes is super large. When it was on sale, I stocked up four boxes, and each box was only $4. I added some cold meat myself, the cost + $1 👉 Lunch totaled $5 ☕️After a cup of coffee in the afternoon, three and a half meals of targeted coffee is the best deal, and a cup of coffee after discount is $0.8. I usually like to drink black coffee in the afternoon, refreshing and shaving oil 👉 Coffee totals $0.8 😋Dinner made a beef rice bowl with Korean Maeil Korean Cowboy Bone Sauce. A huge bottle of sauce is only $4.29. The taste is very strong. A small amount is enough for each stir-fry. A bottle of sauce has 42 servings per meal. The amount of consumption is only $0.1, the raw materials such as beef cost $7, and two mouths in the family are only $3.5 per person. In addition, I used Su Bo's freeze-dried soup bag, a bowl of steaming soup is done with hot water, a soup is $0.99 👉 Dinner totals $4.5 💪Take the fascia gun to relax after exercising at night. QwTech’s fascia gun was bought for $40 on Double Eleven last year. It feels like it can last for 10,000 years after a single charge 😂 I use it almost every day, even if I don’t exercise. I also go out for a walk and come back to relax my calves. Calculated according to the number of days used, only $0.1 per day 👉 Exercise and relaxation total $0.1 Total consumption for one day: $9.88💰 # 摸着良心来种草啦 # # 我的囤货清单 # # 2022亚米开学季 # # 厨房神器 # # 挑战$100过一周 #
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yami_featured_image 挑战$15过一天Day 2! 😋早餐是面包+果酱。在亚米上买了日本Kuze Fuku&Sons 的蓝莓果酱,配料很简单,没有太多乱七八糟的添加剂,一瓶$5.99有325g,我每次大概kuai出来3g抹在面包上吧,这样算下来每顿果酱才$0.05,面包就是最普通的白面包(每片$0.08),用北鼎的面包机烤了一下。面包机下单的时候重重折扣最后到手价$55左右,用了一年了,一周要用4-5次,现在它还很健康,感觉还能继续服务我很久,按照它已经服务我的时间来算,每天成本才$0.15👉早餐总计$0.28 😋午餐吃了袁鲜王牌神功钵钵鸡,都不用开火,直接加冷水就可以了,菜的量超级大。它打折的时候囤了四盒,每盒才$4,我自己再加了点冷餐肉进去,成本+$1 👉午餐总计$5 ☕️午后来一杯咖啡,三顿半的定向口味咖啡最合算啦,折后一杯咖啡算下来$0.8。我一般午后喜欢喝黑咖啡,提神又刮油👉咖啡总计$0.8 😋晚餐用韩国Maeil韩式牛仔骨酱做了一份牛肉盖饭,巨大一瓶酱只要$4.29,味道非常浓烈,每次炒菜用的话少量就很够了,一瓶酱有42个servings,每餐用量只需$0.1,牛肉等原材料花了$7,家里两张嘴,人均只要$3.5。另外用了苏伯的冻干汤包,热水一冲,一碗热气腾腾的汤就搞定了,一份汤$0.99👉晚餐总计$4.5 💪晚上运动完拿筋膜枪放松一下,QwTech的筋膜枪是去年双十一的时候$40买到手的,冲一次电感觉可以用一万年😂我几乎是每天都用的,就算不运动一般也会出门走路,回来可以放松一下小腿。按照用过的天数来算,每天才$0.1👉运动放松总计$0.1 一天总计消费:$9.88💰 # 摸着良心来种草啦 # # 我的囤货清单 # # 2022亚米开学季 # # 厨房神器 # # 挑战$100过一周 #