After waiting for a week, I finally received it~~ Unboxing 🎉🎉 This time, I was mainly to buy that grape-flavored gummy. I have been thinking about it since I ate it in Japan. Last time I found it on, I quickly bought three packs. After eating this time, I directly stocked up 8 packs. It didn’t take long to see that it was out of stock. I don’t know if I bought it all out. , The small bag is torn open and has a sealed mouth, which is very convenient to carry~~ Especially suitable for watching while watching a drama, the bag will be gone in a while, I really have no resistance to this candy~~🍬 I recommend that you buy it and try it when it is in stock, I will definitely repurchase! ! You can also try other flavors, they are all good 👌 The blue pill is really 无限回购, it is really suitable for sensitive skin, I have stocked up a lot of masks last time, and I couldn’t help buying a few pieces this time☺️ I got two bags of instant noodles last time I bought something. After tasting it, it is really delicious~~It is very suitable for a late night snack🍜I personally think it is really delicious😋The portion is not large, so I can't help eating too much~~Zhang Junya My little sister used to love this one in China, but this time I regret buying less... ah... 😕 I also bought AD calcium milk and rainbow capsule mask Try, all products are tagged in the second picture~~
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