HMART's instant noodles made into army pot are much more delicious than those in the store! ! 🥹 Sisters, the Kimchi instant noodles from HMART are so delicious! ! It's delicious just boiled! The noodles are very strong and the soup tastes very good! It is also super 👍🏻 to use it to make a troop pot. It is recommended that you all learn it! ! I use pork belly as the main meat! If you don't like it, you can ignore this step! Or it can be replaced with fat cow! 🥬Ingredient preparation: Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum|Luncheon meat|Seafood mushroom|Thick cut pork belly Fish Cake Skewers|Fried Laver Roll|Kimchi|Instant Noodles 🧂 Sauce preparation: A spoonful of minced onion|A spoonful of minced garlic|A spoonful of Korean chili sauce A spoonful of honey|A bag of instant noodles 👩🏻‍🍳The specific method: 1⃣️Wash the pork belly and dry the water, and fry it in the pan until both sides are browned, the darker the color, the better! Get all the fat out. Cut into small pieces and set aside! 2⃣️Put Kimchi and some vegetables that are easy to get out of water on the bottom of the pot, and then spread other ingredients (you can change your favorite) in turn, top with sauce and fried pork belly ➕ two bowls of water to boil! Try to choose a deeper pot for the army pot! The all-in-one pot I use is Dr.How's Doran Doran Not to mention how good-looking it is! ! ! This creamy yellow color is simply unbearable! This one has a bakeware and deep pan design! Handy to use The capacity of the deep pot is huge! It's enough for 3-4 people! ! Just used it today to make troop pot! ! One pot for two purposes✅ The control panel is easy! The appearance is not easy to burn! I think the firepower is still pretty good! And it's easy to clean ✅ It also comes with a convenient storage bag! ! Awesome 👍🏻 You can find this eye-catching pot on Yamibuy! Gather with friends in winter to eat this warm pot! ! So the ingredients can be found in HMART! ! Fish cakes and fried seaweed rolls are also really delicious! ! Suggestions must also be put! # 值得买的黑科技 # # 亚米宝藏新品大赏 #
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yami_featured_image Dr.How高颜值一体锅用来做火锅太方便了!! 姐妹们这个Kimchi泡面太好吃了!! 直接煮就很好吃!面条很劲道汤料味道也很不错! 用它做成部队锅也超级👍🏻建议你们都要学会!! 我用五花肉作为主要的肉类!不喜欢的可以忽略这一步!或者换成肥牛也是可以的! 🥬食材准备: 茼蒿菜|午餐肉|海鲜菇|厚切五花肉 鱼饼串|炸紫菜卷|Kimchi|泡面 🧂酱汁准备: 洋葱碎 一勺|蒜末 一勺|韩式辣酱 一勺 蜂蜜 一勺|泡面粉料包 一袋 👩🏻‍🍳具体做法: 1⃣️五花肉洗净擦干水份,直接下锅煎至两面焦黄颜色越深越好!把油脂都逼出来。剪成小块备用! 2⃣️锅底铺上Kimchi和一些容易出水的蔬菜垫底,再依次铺上其他食材(随意更换自己喜欢的)淋上酱料和煎好的五花肉➕两大碗水煮开即可! 做部队锅尽量选择深一点的锅子! 我用的这个一体锅是Dr.How的Doran Doran 先不说颜值有多高!!!这奶黄色根本把持不住! 这款有烤盘和深锅的设计!用起来得心应手的 深锅的容量很大!3-4个人吃都很足以!! 正好今天用它来做了部队锅!!一锅两用✅ 控制版面很简易!外观也不容易烫伤! 火力我觉得还是蛮OK的!而且清洗很容易✅ 还很贴心的附赠了收纳袋!!超级赞👍🏻 在Yamibuy就可以找到这款一眼心动的锅子! # 值得买的黑科技 # # 亚米宝藏新品大赏 #