Yami understands young people The Sanjiu Weitai sold is mainly a Chinese patent medicine made from traditional Chinese medicine. This kind of granule is very convenient, you don’t need to boil it yourself Mainly clearing away heat and dampness, promoting qi and blood circulation, softening the liver and relieving pain, reducing inflammation and relieving pain, regulating qi and invigorating the stomach My little sister who has a bad stomach recommended it to me With Sanjiu Weitai, I am not afraid anymore. I feel a little uncomfortable. Drink a sachet and my stomach will be warm. #亚米经验值+1#
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亚米是懂年轻人的 卖的三九胃泰主要是中药制成的中成药 这种颗粒就很方便 不需要自己去熬了 主打清热燥湿,行气活血,柔肝止痛,消炎止痛,理气健胃 我的胃不好的小姐妹推荐给我的 有了三九胃泰我就不怕了 有点不舒服喝一包下去 胃暖暖的 # 亚米经验值+1 #