# Bonnie渔的不定期晒单 # Unscheduled orders! What I want to say is that iron eggs really taste very iron eggs. The salted duck eggs tasted good, but didn't have a lot of oil. Korean-style bibimbap is my favorite, Tianjin twist is delicious. 1️⃣ Korean rice is my first choice for lunch, because it is very convenient, both cold and hot water are available. 2️⃣ Big Love recommends ❤️ Fried Sauce Noodles. Out of the ingredients in the package, I personally like to add some scrambled eggs and slow-fried bacon 🥓. The taste is simply excellent☺️ 3️⃣ The rest you can see in the list, you can actually buy it in the supermarket, but I still recommend Yami, because it is cheaper than the supermarket. 💰
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# Bonnie渔的不定期晒单 # 不定期的单! 要说的是铁蛋真的口感很铁蛋我😂。咸鸭蛋味道不错,但是没有很多油。韩式拌饭是我的最爱,天津麻花很好吃的说。 1️⃣韩式饭是我午餐首选,因为很方便,冷水热水均可。 2️⃣大爱推介❤️ 炸酱面。出了包装里的材料,我个人喜欢加上一些清炒的鸡蛋和慢火炸的培根🥓。味道简直是极好的☺️ 3️⃣剩下的你们能看到的在单里面的,超市其实也能买到,但是我还是推介亚米的,因为比超市便宜。💰