What? Am I out of touch with the times? Why are the bird’s nests freeze-dried?!!! 💦Add boiling water, wait for 5-6 minutes, and you will have a bowl of delicious bird's nest. ⭐️Small, easy to carry. Take it with you when you go out, and you can enjoy it anywhere. If you find it troublesome, or if you don’t know how to stew bird’s nest, you can try this 方家铺子 Freeze-dried bird’s nest~✨# 0Placeholder_for_esaay_translation9c7b7748f1df4a9b8 236002743d84bf8 ##值得买的黑科技#
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什么? 是我与时代脱节了吗? 怎么燕窝都有冻干了?!!!🫖食用方法也好简单,把它打开,倒入保温杯,送的保温杯还有水温显示,很用心啊,💦加入开水,等待5-6分钟,你就能拥有一碗鲜美燕窝。⭐️小小一支,携带方便。平时出门带上,在哪都可以享受到,觉得挑毛麻烦,又或者是不会炖燕窝的可以尝试下这款方家铺子免炖冻干燕窝~✨# 方家铺子 ## 值得买的黑科技 #