【Dong'e Ejiao Peach Blossom Ejiao Cake】 How to solve the problem of aunt's disorder and poor complexion! Come and try this super delicious donkey-hide gelatin paste, which can easily replenish qi and blood and nourish! 💪💃 This is a delicious snack recommendation! 😍✨This donkey-hide gelatin cream is really amazing. It contains natural ingredients such as red dates, wolfberries, walnuts and donkey-hide gelatin. It is simply full of nutritional treasures! 🌟 Absolutely healthy without burden! 👍It can help us regulate the deficiency of Qi and blood, and improve those problems such as irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea that have troubled us for a long time. And I heard that it can also improve the hydration of the skin, let us restore our vitality! 💁After I bought it last time, I found that my body really became more energetic after eating donkey-hide gelatin cake! Before, my aunt was always irregular and her complexion was very bad, but since I started eating donkey-hide gelatin cake, my menstrual cycle has become much more regular, and the dysmenorrhea has also been significantly relieved! 🌈💪 😭I really regret not discovering this product earlier. Donkey-hide gelatin cake is suitable for all people with insufficient energy and blood, anemia or long-term physical weakness, and it is also very suitable for use during menstruation or postpartum recovery. You only need to consume a small piece (about 10-20 grams) per day, so family members, hurry up and try it! ! 💖✨ # 如7而至 # # 亚米宝藏新品大赏 ## 0Placeholder_for_esaay_translationee77df 688ba3458bb021d8e76056b388 # # 亚米爆笑晒单 # # 上亚米瓜分10w+ #
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【东阿阿胶桃花姬阿胶糕】 怎么拯救姨妈不调、气色差的问题!快来试试这款超好吃的阿胶膏,轻松补气血又滋养!💪💃这是一款美味小零食推荐哦!😍✨这款阿胶膏真是太神奇啦,里面有红枣、枸杞、核桃和阿胶等天然成分,简直就是满满的营养宝藏呀!🌟绝对健康无负担! 👍它能帮助我们调理气血不足,改善那些让我们困扰已久的月经不调、痛经等问题。而且听说还可以提高皮肤水润度哦,让我们恢复元气满满! 💁我上次买了之后发现食用阿胶糕后身体真的变得更有活力了!之前姨妈总是不调,气色也很差,但自从开始食用阿胶糕后,我的月经周期变得规律了许多,并且痛经也明显减轻了!🌈💪 😭真是后悔没有早点发现这款产品,阿胶糕适合所有气血不足、贫血或体虚久病者食用,并且在月经期间或产后恢复期使用也非常合适哦。每天只需要食用一小块(约10-20克)所以家人们,赶快来试试吧!!💖✨ # 如7而至 # # 亚米宝藏新品大赏 # # 好物11道来 # # 亚米爆笑晒单 # # 上亚米瓜分10w+ #