The corn kernels are plump, elastic and sweet! It tasted like it was when I was a kid. There was a strong fragrance of corn right out of the box! It's soft and glutinous when you take a bite, and the fragrance is fragrant! It's very chewy, not too sweet at all, just soft and sweet! It is indeed the corn that has been praised by my family for a week! Mom can’t live without it for breakfast and dinner, so I’m ready to repurchase it. # 上亚米瓜分10w+ # # 方家铺子 #
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玉米粒饱满Q弹香甜!吃出了小时候的味道开箱就是一股浓郁的玉米清香!一口下去软软糯糯的,清香扑鼻!很弹牙,完全不会很甜,软糯香甜那种!不愧是被家人夸了一周的玉米!妈妈早晚餐都离不开它,准备回购了。# 上亚米瓜分10w+ # # 方家铺子 #