Snail noodles only eat this flavor and this brand

No worries A bowl of snail powder can't solve it< span class="s2"> If not, two bowls😏 < /span>If it still doesn't work, move the whole box home

🌟Yami's snail noodles have been tried < span class="s1">Only Luobawang is my favorite.  span>It doesn't smell so bad My old man can handle it It is estimated that it is covered by the spicy oil   The powder is strong and smooth  ; The spicy oil has a spicy taste The taste is absolutely   beans are also crispy span> The only thing to complain about is the two tofu sticks Can suggest abandoning them 👋

Put yourself some tofu skins would be delicious☄️

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螺蛳粉 只吃这个味儿 这个牌子的

没有什么烦恼 是一碗螺蛳粉解决不了 如果不行就两碗😏 如果还不行就整箱往家搬吧

🌟亚米的螺蛳粉都尝过了 唯独螺霸王麻辣味是我的最爱  味道不那么臭 我老头子也能接受 估计是因为麻辣油给遮盖住了  粉体很劲道爽滑  辣油带着麻辣烫的味道 味道绝逼好  豆角也是脆的 唯独要吐槽就是那两根豆腐条 可以建议遗弃它俩 👋

自己放些豆腐皮 会很好吃☄️