The daily running account Yami bought the barbecued pork sauce, the fragrant pot sauce, the original mushroom sauce, the spicy mushroom sauce, the spicy enoki mushroom, the mustard, the soy sauce, the Laoganma, the salted egg yolk biscuits, and the Weilong spicy strips finally arrived. Is there anything that can't be solved by a meal? If not, then two meals
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日常流水账 亚米买的叉烧酱香锅酱原味香菇酱麻辣香菇酱麻辣金针菇榨菜风油豆豉老干妈老杨咸蛋黄饼干卫龙辣条终于到货了一扫我在info session上郁积于心的挫败 有什么是吃一顿不能解决的呢?如果不能 那就两顿