The two orders are combined and posted together 😆 The second time I bought the canmake eyelash growth liquid that I forgot to bring, it is still easy to use! The masks are also very good, especially the pig head girl series is full of essence!!! I ate snail noodles again😝I also bought Weilong! When I first came here, there was no Yachao supermarket, only soy sauce... So Yami bought a big box and set foot on the road of seasoning collectors. Finally, Vita entered my heart 🤣
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两单合并一起晒😆 第二次买了忘记带来的canmake睫毛生长液 依旧好用! 面膜也都很好尤其是猪头妹系列精华很足!!! 又吃到螺蛳粉了呢😝还买了卫龙! 刚来的时候小堡没有亚超超市只有酱油…… 于是亚米买了好大一箱 并且从此踏上了调料收集爱好者之路 最后 维他入我心🤣