Double 11 is of course a good time to stock up. The 15% discount code has been received. Just wait for the 6th to enter the venue in advance to buy and buy. Snail noodles must be stocked up! When you are overwhelmed, you need to be stubborn! And the hot dry noodles are also my favorite, the pure sesame sauce and soy sauce flavor, but after eating it is always full of happiness! Lao Yang's pineapple cake is very cost-effective and very good! There is also this Japanese chestnut, which is really good, very fragrant and all of them are big, super recommended! It's time to stock up on Monkey Mushroom Rice Thins. Yesterday's $1.11 didn't get it! However, this activity of Yami is also very powerful, and I like it a lot! VV Soybean Milk is my favorite. I heard Xiao Er said that it will be replenished. I am so happy, I will stock up on five more bags! The tumbler fire ramen has really opened up a new world for me. It's so delicious. It's not the same taste as Xin ramen. I don't know how to describe it, but it's spicy and fragrant! worth to buy! The spicy beef noodles are also very fragrant with beef flavor. I used to tell the customer service to buy this noodles, but this time I finally got it. I am super happy! The tumbler's barley tea is also very fragrant. In the morning, make a cup with black sesame seeds for a warm winter~ Finally, there are Shiseido honeydew and red kidney essence, the famous small light bulb and Kerun face cream. Honeydew and red kidney essence are very moisturizing, especially red kidney, it will not be sticky after application, but after a while, it will feel like baby skin. Everyone knows the power of the small light bulb, whitening and beautifying you will shine🌟 Kerun is my regular moisturizing cream, safe and moisturizing, super love ❤️
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双十一当然是囤货的好时机啦 85折的code已经收到 就等着6号提前入场买买买啦 螺蛳粉必须囤货啊!不知所措的时候就要嗦粉!然后热干面也是我非常喜欢的,单纯的麻酱酱油味,但是吃完永远都是满满的幸福感! 老杨的凤梨酥性价比很高,非常好次!还有日本的这个板栗,真的巨好次,很香而且都是一整颗很大,超级推荐! 猴菇米稀也是时候该囤一囤了,昨天的$1.11没有抢到啊!不过亚米的这个活动也是给力,大大的赞! 维维豆奶我的心头爱,听小二说好像会补货,太开心了,再囤个五袋! 不倒翁火拉面真的打开我的新世界,太好吃了,跟辛拉面啊那些不是一个味道,我也不知道怎么形容,但是够辣够香!值得买!辣牛肉面也是,有很香的牛肉味,这个面我之前老跟客服说让进货,这次终于进了,超开心! 不倒翁的这个薏米茶也很香浓,早晨起来和黑芝麻一起泡一杯,暖暖的冬天〜 最后是资生堂蜜露和红腰子精华,大名鼎鼎的小灯泡还有珂润面霜。蜜露和红腰子精华都很保湿,尤其是红腰子,涂完之后不会粘腻,过了一小会反而有婴儿肌肤的感觉。小灯泡大家也知道它的强大,美白美得你发亮🌟 珂润就是我常备的保湿面霜,安全滋润,超级爱❤️