On Double 11, I bought some snacks for my mother who doesn't like to eat. The small boss tempura seaweed is really delicious. It has to fly. The smell of the seaweed is accompanied by the smell of the seaweed. The products that I have been repurchasing and the Hsu Fu Kee Shaqima Yimei egg roll and abalone porridge are really fried chicken, which is convenient for my mother. I often fly back and forth on the plane with two boxes on my body, I can eat something delicious at any time. When I am older, I also need Meimei. The honey powder and mask are relatively cheap but the price is very high. Lion fans like Mama who don't like instant noodles will like it
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双11 给不爱吃饭的老妈买了些她爱吃的零食。小老板天妇罗海苔真是好吃的要飞起来 焦香酥脆的虾片味道陪着海苔的香味 一直回购的产品还有徐福记沙琪玛 义美蛋卷 鲍鱼粥真的炒鸡方便 老妈经常飞机来回飞 带两盒在身上随时能吃点可口的 年龄大了也要美美哒 蜜粉饼和面膜都是比较平价但是性价比很高的 还买了些妈妈第一次尝试的东西 像冒菜 螺狮粉 喜欢不爱方便面的麻麻会喜欢