Comments: Nissin's pork bone ramen in Figure 1 is still delicious with pork bone flavor. The miso noodles are a little wider, and the soup has the flavor of pork ribs. The ingredients in CJ's curry rice really don't taste like curry. Instead, they are very sweet. The multigrain rice is quite characteristic. I will chew each grain of glutinous rice carefully every time I eat it. The tumbler's abalone porridge is really convenient. The first time I encountered instant porridge, I could just open the lid and put it in the microwave without putting in water. It's a bit bland for someone with heavy taste like me, and it's perfect for when you're sick. In the second picture, Tinkerbell's corn on the cob is really delicious. When I arrived, I thought I could stock up and eat it until December. I didn't expect it to be wiped out within a week. The best choice when you are hungry. Weilong's konjac I have waited for a long time for the replenishment. I feel that the taste of the bagged and boxed ones tastes a little different. The boxed ones are more tender? ? Spicy is the best 😋
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点评: 图一里日清的猪骨拉面还是豚骨味的好吃,味增的面稍微有点宽,汤有股烧排骨的味儿。 CJ的咖喱饭里那配料是真真真没咖喱味儿 反而甜味很足,杂粮米挺有特点的我每次吃都会细嚼每粒糯糯的米饭。 不倒翁的鲍鱼粥真是很方便,第一次碰到速食粥,居然不用放水直接开盖放微波炉里就行了。对我这种口味重的人来说味道有点淡,很适合生病时候吃。 图二里 小叮当玉米棒真是太太太太太好吃了 到货的时候觉得自己能囤着吃到十二月 没想到一周之内就消灭光了.. 比较建议一次性下多点 玉米棒真是嘴馋时的最佳选择。 卫龙的魔芋我是等了好久才等到的补货 感觉袋装的和盒装的口感吃起来有些不一样.. 盒装的比较 嫩 一些?? 麻辣味的最好吃😋