My LA Food Map~

亚米带你吃遍LA of LA Food Map~ 

I have always posted food on ins. This time Yami just made this topic~ Come and let's walk in LA!

Added a part of the food map of OC near LA at the back~ If you are tired of eating on weekends, you can go to OC in LA~ 

ps: The address evaluations are all in the picture~

If you are interested, you can follow eatneatneatneat (focus on the food ins of LA+OC+BAY AREA)

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亚米带你吃遍LA 之 小胃大吃想LA美食地图~ 

一直都有在ins上面po美食 这次刚好亚米做了这个话题~来 我们LA走起!


ps: 地址评价都在图中哦~

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