Hurry up and sell a wave of Amway after noon, it's so delicious 桂林米粉! Much better than snail noodles and friendly to those who can't eat spicy food. I especially like the soybean and peanut buns inside, which are crispy and fragrant. Capers are also standard with 桂林米粉. Chopped peppers are the finishing touch. It is especially intimate with two packs of soup, just two packs of soup powder, and mixed with powder can also make a bowl of soup. The soup dumplings are delicious, with the aroma of bone broth. I made mixed noodles and left it to cook some noodles myself with capers. I had a lot of cowpeas in Yami and it finally came in handy. I want to stock up on Yami's quick replenishment!
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中午吃完赶紧卖一波安利,太好吃了这个桂林米粉!比螺蛳粉好吃很多而且对不能吃辣的小伙伴很友好。 特别喜欢里面的黄豆花生包,炸的酥脆特别香。酸豆角也是桂林米粉标配。剁椒是点睛之笔。 特别贴心配了两包汤包,汤粉就放两包,拌粉还可以做一碗汤。汤包很好味道,就是有骨汤的香味。我做了拌粉留下来自己煮点粉配个酸豆角再吃一顿,在亚米囤了很多豇豆终于派上用场了。 求亚米速速补货我要囤好多好多!