UCLA's campus ambassadors are feeding you! ‼ ️ The food evaluated in this issue is "Sihong Mani Ye, Walnut Cracker Breakfast & Daily Nut Mixed Flavor" First of all, the walnut cracker is really big. And it can often give out the sweetness of dates! Serve with milk at breakfast 🥛 or take it out during lunch break is the best! The daily nut mixed flavor is really my personal favorite. There are dried dates and prunes in it, it is really sweet and delicious, and the astringent bitterness in the tea 🍵 is really a good match. If you haven't received it yet from UCLA, you can contact me! 🉐
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UCLA的校园大使给你们投食啦!‼️ 本期测评的美食“思宏躁爷 核桃夹早&每日坚果混合口味” 首先核桃夹早真的很大. 而且能常出枣的甜味哦!早餐的时候配上牛奶🥛或者午休的时候拿出吃一个真是最好不过了! 每日坚果混合口味真的是我个人很喜欢的. 里面有枣干还有梅干,真的很甜很好吃,再配上茶🍵中涩涩的苦真的是很般配的. UCLA的小伙伴还没有领到的话还可以联系我哦!🉐