I finally ate Haohuan snail 😭😭 I love it in China, it is sour, spicy and spicy, soup dumplings and snail meat~ Oatmeal is delicious, just have to be hot, otherwise it will feel a little sweet🤔 The milk tea is not very sweet It's just right, and the taste is quite special, like brown sugar? ? Always these three styles are very good without stepping on thunder 😋
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终于吃到了好欢螺😭😭在国内就超爱它,酸酸辣辣重口味,汤包还有螺肉~麦片挺好喝的,就是要趁热,不然会觉得有点甜🤔 奶茶不是很甜刚刚好,味道也挺特别的,好像是红糖味??总是这三款都没踩雷味道都挺赞的😋