【Polar Mala Noodles】 After the water boils, cook it on high heat for another eight minutes and you can cook it. The instant noodles are very gluten The first feeling at the entrance is that it is spicy enough, but the taste itself is full, and it is full of happiness. XD There are still a few pieces of mushrooms in it. This mushroom fanatical fan is very satisfied. This package of instant noodles doesn't have the stinky feeling of too much MSG like other instant noodles. It can be scored 9.8/10. There is no problem with eating it for three consecutive days (( Small suggestion: add a few slices of Chinese cabbage for full marks! !
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【极地麻辣烫面】 水沸腾后大火再煮八分钟就可以起锅了,泡面十分筋道 入口第一感觉,够辣,但本身味道足,满满一口下去幸福感爆棚XD 里面还有几片蘑菇,本蘑菇狂热粉表示十分满意啊啊啊 这包泡面并没有其他泡面那种味精过多的齁感,可以打9.8/10分 连续吃三天完全木有问题((太赞了太赞了 小建议:另加几片大白菜就是满分了!!