Leisure pastry, twist egg roll, sweet wheat, the more you eat, the fatter you get (shut up)

Actually, I bought this for the seaweedAfter all, the wave of seaweed was But let the young me think this is a one-piece phrase rather than a biased structure.

A box contains six packs👆, each pack contains three egg rolls .

The egg roll is very crispy, it collapses directly in the mouth, very cute. It also means that it is easy to break and break during transportation, resulting in a lot of slag. (So I don't want to take pictures of the inner egg roll, there is too much scum in the packaging) The egg taste is very strong! Coupled with the sweetness of the flour, the seasoning is not too sweet or salty, and you can eat the original flavor of the ingredients, which is very cute.


The smell of seaweed is really not strong!

A little bit! Just a little bit!

As a result, I suddenly remembered that it seems that I haven’t seen Bo Li Nori for a long time, do they still make Nori?🙃< /p>

And then I bought a twist, the size of the individual packaging is very suitable to take out in the bag👆

There are two twists in each package, which are also very crisp (of course, not the same as egg rolls), but they are protected by plastic boxes, so there is almost no breakage after transportation. Then a box has who knows how many packsWhen I reacted, there were only half a box left.Orz About ten packs at first? ?

Taste wordsEighteenth Street? ! Need to say anything else! Super delicious, of course! Tianjin is really outstanding and enviable! ! ! I still remember that I once held a cannabis flower and beat it all kinds of gnawing hahaha. Eighteenth Street's st0 marijuana flowers are too big to be eaten at one time, this kind of small is just right.

This one with salt and pepper (the salt and pepper is controlled here) is slightly salty, a little sweet, and the filling is perfectly sandwiched in the middle of the noodles (I have studied how to twist this twist for a long time), the flavor is always there but not overwhelmed by the wheat flavor at all! Slightly more oil, but sweet fried dough, which exists in almost every culture in the world, has its beauty! A little sweetness to remove greasy, neutralizing the two phases, it will not feel sweet at all, nor will it feel too oily. The filling is like an embellishment, and underneath is the thick and solid feeling of the fried dough that holds it up. Awesome!

Of course, if you ask me about the taste of peppercornsIt's better to grind it yourselfOrz This thing disperses too fast, otherwise why eat freshly made?_( ´` )_

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休闲面点 麻花蛋卷 小麦清甜 越吃越胖(你住口)









每包有两条麻花,也很酥(当然和蛋卷不是一个酥法),但用塑料盒保护着所以运输过后几乎没有断的。然后一盒里有谁知道多少包等我反应过来就只剩小半盒了Orz 最初大概十包左右??



当然,问我花椒味的话不如自己去磨Orz 这东西散得太快,不然吃现做的干嘛_(´` )_