🌸Indonesian Camp Multi-Original Fried Noodles🌸 The five packs I bought have already eaten the last one before I remembered to write the list 😝 —————— This bag of instant noodles looks bland, but it actually has a mystery inside, not to be missed~ The seasoning package is very rich, there are five kinds in total, but the content of each is not much. Put them into bowls, stir and stir, and the ingredients are ready. While preparing the ingredients, you can cook the noodle cakes. After the water boils, put them in, cook for 3-5 minutes, and take them out. I will reserve a little bit of the soup for the noodles. Mix the noodles and the ingredients evenly, this noodle cake is very good, the cooked noodles are very strong, and the noodles are covered with a layer of light after mixing the seasoning bag, and the drool will flow down 😋 At the end, add an omelette with an imperfectly shaped candy heart, and you can start it~
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🌸印尼营多原味炒面🌸 买的五连包已经吃到最后一包才想起来写晒单😝 —————— 这袋方便面看起来平淡无奇,其实内有玄机,不容错过~ 调料包十分丰富,一共有五种,但是每种的含量其实不多,分别放进碗里,搅啊搅,拌料就准备好了。 在准备拌料的同时就可以煮面饼了,水烧开后,放进去,煮个3-5分钟,捞出来,我会稍稍保留一点汤水用来拌面。 把面和拌料拌均匀,这个面饼很好,煮出来的面很劲道,和调料包混好后面条上沾着一层光一样,口水都要流下来了😋 最后的最后,配上个形状不完美的糖心煎蛋,就可以开动了~