The daily scourge of instant noodles [Universal Ramen Cake]!

I bought a bag of willow shiitake mushrooms, more than 200 grams. I would never finish it as a snack, so I decided to use it for cooking (dark food).

Broccoli Beef Sliced Spicy Mushroom Fried Instant Noodles👇 (why honey sauce rhyme)

The broccoli is too chopped and burnt for too long and it will smash into slag👋 Don't complain, the kitchen scum is like I'm still trying to find the meaning of the little master🙃

Introducing the ramen cake first? The face is thicker and more muscular. The portion is also large, and the smooth cake is 110g, which almost beats all instant noodles with soupSeeing this net content, the price is also lovely. It is recommended to buy some stockpiles. Occasionally, there are vegetables and seasonings at home, so you can cook some of them yourself. Of course, since you've already seasoned it yourself, it's better to just use serious noodles.Orz In this way, it should be more suitable to make hot pot noodles when eating hot pot. After all, no water is needed, and it cooks quickly.

I always heard willow and was recommended, so I bought a bag of shiitake mushrooms when I didn't have enoki mushrooms. But what surprised me is thatIt tastes like the honey fruit flavor I smelled when I ate a certain brand of enoki mushrooms before. ? But willow's can only be eaten a little, unlike the previous enoki mushrooms, which can smell a strong taste as soon as the package is opened. There is no other way, the arrow has to be thrown on the string, after all, the noodles are already in the pot, and I plan to fry them again. I didn’t mix the sauce before, and I don’t want to waste so many mushrooms? So I fished out the mushrooms, put them in and fry them together.

If I really want to say, shaving off that little bit of honey juice, the willow has just the right spicy and salty taste, and the taste is quite rich. The sliced shiitake mushrooms are also big and soft, which makes me happy even if I haven't eaten mushrooms other than Agaricus bisporus for a long time?

But I don’t know why I don’t know why I can’t bear this mysterious fruit flavor.< span class="s1">And why do different brands have a similar taste of honey juiceIs it the taste of pickled mushrooms ? Or the taste of cooking wine or preservatives? Or my own psychological cues? no idea. Thinking of my bag of willow enoki mushrooms that was still on the road left tears of remorse. I should have tried this shiitake before orderingIf the willow enoki mushrooms give me a similar taste, I would May be about to have a psychological shadow on the ready-to-eat mushrooms… ps I didn’t grab the ones from Jindazhou before, I don’t know how it tastes?

An extra bowl of noodles(?):

I was too lazy, so I used the microwave for three minutes to make the unified pork dry noodles. I beat an egg without adding anything else, and the egg white foamed again, so it didn't look good.

It seems that the seasoning powder is directly wrapped around the dough? But you can't smell the strong MSG directly, and the whole is not very salty, so you can rest assured. The noodles are too thin, with big waves(?), strong, no cooking, hard and delicious (after all, it is unified of). However, my noodles were smashed into two pieces by myself, and the slag was about to catch up with the crispy noodles. I cried, speechless.

The noodle soup has a strong taste. Although it is lighter than most of the instant noodles that have been turned over, it is the lightness of Chinese instant noodles (probably has a homely feeling, but it is not like The taste of Japanese instant noodles is so bland???). Salty and fresh, with a bit of meat and a bit of sauce, the whole person feels comfortable after drinking the hot soup. And no dry mouth after eating.

You get a lot of chopped green onion, so the whole bowl of noodles looks very homely, which is rare for instant noodles, after all, everyone is trying to be different and eye-catching. And the price is very beautiful, it is quite suitable for stocking up a little.

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西兰花切的太碎烧得时间太长就碎成渣渣了👋 莫吐槽,厨渣如我还在努力摸索小当家的奥义🙃

先介绍拉面饼?面体较粗,比较筋道。分量也大,光面饼就110g,几乎打败所有带汤料的方便面看见这个净含量,价格也是漂亮得可爱。推荐买一些囤货,偶尔家里有菜有调料,可以自己煮上一点。当然既然已经自己调味了不如干脆用正经面条Orz 这么一看吃火锅的时候做火锅面应该更合适,毕竟不用点水,熟的又快。



但我这个平时不深究的人不知道为什么就是忍不下这个谜一般的水果香精味而且为什么不同牌子会有类似的蜜汁味道难道是腌蘑菇都这个味?还是料酒或者防腐剂的味?或者是我自己的心理暗示?毫无头绪。想着我那一包还在路上的杨柳金针菇留下了悔恨的泪水。我应该在尝过这个香菇之后再下单的如果杨柳的金针菇再让我尝到类似味道,我可能就要对即食蘑菇产生心理阴影了… ps 之前金大州的我没抢到,不知道那个味道如何?