Harvesting crop after crop of clover, finally making returning home a warm ritual

Hello everyone, I'm Little Potato~

I believe everyone has heard of the recently popular Buddhist child raising game, Travel Frog.

This Buddhist frog is cold and reserved, living alone in a simple two-story hut. When my friend Mai Mai comes to visit, he will never let anyone come in and sit for a while, sitting at the table or cutting wood by himself. Or eating (it looks weird and cute when eating), it usually takes a few hours to cut it and eat it.

And the next time you're looking forward to checking "what's my frog doing", you're super likely to find out that your little green (lang) frog (wa) has gone on a trip again ( flip the table).

True · Raising a frog is like raising a baby (crying).


When my frog (Xiaodoumiao) is not at home, Xiaodou diligently picks clover every day, raises money for my frog to prepare tents and scarves, and waits aggrievedly for him to come home. Like an old mother. (frown)

Two days ago, comparing the mood of cleaning up the house in the game, and the person who can never find the key when going out in reality, gave me the idea of tidying up my home well.

So, I searched Yami Life Museum and found a key holder from Taiwan called Gandan Days. Just search for Days of Ganden to find it.

Posted behind the door like this:

This key holder has a cute appearance and is divided into double and single models, each of which is super cute and creative.

At that time, I looked at the introduction and found that it was actually cut from logs and made by hand. It was like picking up a treasure and placing an order immediately.

Between the main body and the key ring is a small magnet with super strong adsorption force. As soon as the key is put away, it will be firmly adsorbed on the main body. Mom no longer has to worry that I can't find the key~~

The key holder comes with a 3M sticker, which is convenient and flexible. You only need to buy another sticker at the nearby supermarket to change the position~

Create a cozy cabin for yourself from the door, making every return home a warm ritual.

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这只佛系青蛙高冷,内敛,独自住一间二层的朴素小屋,朋友Mai Mai来做客了也从不让人进家坐会儿,自顾自坐在桌前或者削木头或者吃饭(吃饭的样子还怪萌),这一削一吃,通常就是几个小时。

而当你下一次满怀期待地想要check一下“我的蛙在干嘛”的时候,就超级有可能发现你的小青(lang)蛙(wa)又又又已经出 门 旅 行 了(掀桌)。

真 · 养蛙像养娃(哭哭)。




于是,就搜索亚米生活馆,找到了一款来自台湾一个叫甘丹日子的 key holder。直接搜索甘丹日子就能够找到。


这款key holder 外形可爱,分双人款和单人款,每一款都超级可爱有创意。



随key holder附带的是3M的贴纸,方便灵活,只需要在附近超市购买另一张贴纸即可更换位置~


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